question regarding the demo

May 23, 2013 at 11:51 PM
the demo sentence is segmented differently from what is mentioned on the home page, for example:


home page segmented the sentence as:

年龄 越 大 , 心里 越 沉静 , 希望 自己 能够 多 做 一些 真善美 的 事情 , 而 不是 追逐 世俗 的 利益

yet in the demo it get segmented into:

年[nian:NOR] 龄[ling:NOR] 越[yue:NOR] 大[da:NOR] ,[,:NOR] 心[xin:NOR] 里[li:NOR] 越[yue:NOR] 沉[chen:NOR] 静[jing:NOR] ,[,:NOR] 希[xi:NOR] 望[wang:NOR] 自[zi:NOR] 己[ji:NOR] 能[neng:NOR] 够[gou:NOR] 多[duo:NOR] 做[zuo:NOR] 一[yi:NOR] 些[xie:NOR] 真[zhen:NOR] 善[shan:NOR] 美[mei:NOR] 的[de:NOR] 事[shi:NOR] 情[qing:NOR] ,[,:NOR] 而[er:NOR] 不[bu:NOR] 是[shi:NOR] 追[zhui:NOR] 逐[zhu:NOR] 世[shi:NOR] 俗[su:NOR] 的[de:NOR] 利[li:NOR] 益[yi:NOR] 。[。:NOR]

is it by design, how to change it to segment like home page?
May 25, 2013 at 4:34 PM
Hi JonathanY,

Thanks for your comments. :)
It's really a bug in wordseg. I already have fixed it and uploaded the new demo package in download section. Please re-check out code and download the latest demo package to play with.

Thanks again and looking forward to your more suggestions.

Zhongkai Fu
May 29, 2013 at 12:24 AM
demo works fine now, thanks Zhongkai for your quick reply!